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Le Freischütz

Semi-stage / Brussels, Vienna, London - 2018/2019

Carl Maria von Weber


German Romantic opera began with Der Freischütz, a landmark in the history of music. Admired by Beethoven, the work became a source of inspiration for a whole generation of composers. Der Freischütz owed its success to the poetic power of the fantasy world it depicts and to its masterly scoring, harnessing the beauty of expressive orchestration with theatrical impact.

"Just a hop, skip and a Sprung down the Linke Wienzeile, the Theater an der Wien recently presented a semi-staged version by Olivier Fredj which was much more faithful to Johann Friedrich Kind’s creepy folk-lore libretto. With limited set-structure, but utilizing period costumes and clever lighting, Anglo/French Fredj adroitly managed to capture the Satanic sorcery of the narrative with plenty of scary images plus hunting rifles which actually fired."

Jonathan Sutherland, OPERAWIRE

Set designor and lighting                       OLIVIER FREDJ

Conductor                                                 LAURENCE EQUILBEY

Costumes                                                   SIEGRID PETIT-IMBERT

Max                                                             STANISLAS DE BARBEYRAC

                                                                     TUOMAS KATAJALA

Agathe                                                        JOHANNI VAN OOSTRUM

Ännchen                                                     CHIARA SKERATH

Kaspar                                                         VLADIMIR BAYKOV

Eremit et voix de Samiel                           CHRISTIAN IMMLER

Ottokar                                                        SAMUEL HASSELHORN

Kilian                                                            ANAS SEGUIN

Kuno                                                            THORSTEN GRÜMBEL

Samiel                                                         CLEMENT DAZIN

metteur en scène

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