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Emmanuel Chabrier

Chabrier meets the challenge and succeeds both musically and scenographically in creating an intelligent, sensitive comedy in keeping with its time, without making it a light operetta or a criticism of society. He invites us to give up all seriousness and reason.  Parody and atmosphere prevail :   scepticism, amusement and lively, uncomplacent melancholy.

L’Etoile is an indiscernable object  which you certainly should not weigh down with an interpretation or concept. On the contrary, you must catch its multiple facets and develop them in the profusion of details it offers.

We have chosen to move only one ‘cursor’ of L’Etoile : the stars themselves and replace them with the business world that rules our lives like unfathomable fate, as the stars say.

One finds Paris with its department stores, but also the secret societies, the artificial paradises and the SM relationships, all so many different worlds to explore and bring closer to the audience of today, while remaining in the spirit of the author.

We will denounce the prudishness of today, the non acceptance of others, mercantilism, profit and over consumerism…closely linking  the fate of a managing director to that of a street vendor. 

Chabrier offers us rich elements and wonderful music, while leaving a stage director incredible freedom to fill the work with his or her own universe. He gives the keys, without imposing them and here and there, brings touches of humour and mockery, leaving the performers and the stage director to take care of bringing  the imaginary to life.


Beyond a simple transposition, a concept or esthetics to fit into the work, Chabrier asks the stage director and his or her team to create a whole world.

The characters and situations in L’Etoile will evolve amidst the abundance which we want to be a debauchery of inventions , strong contrasts between what is totally crazy and what is totally rational.

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