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Olivier Fredj stages for the new production (of Macbeth) at  la Monnaie in Brussels, a show that answers with intelligence to two aspects of the piece : A social theatrical view in a contemporary universe, in a palace hotel where all pass by and all can happen, but also to a quivering reflexion on the Macbeth /Lady Macbeth relationship, on desire and power(...)


the acting direction by Olivier fredj is one of a man of theatre : precise, dynamic, composed with a strong research on the body language that builds a personality. (...)


The acting direction and the beauty of the theatrical approach make this production very powerful. 


Alain Duault - Opéra Online


The latest new production of Macbeth has created a lot of enthusiasm thanks to its originality and its grandeur.  It also awakens sleeping monsters. 

Scenography is permanently magnificent, along with the costumes and lighting. It is a rare performance and a difficult one to harmonise so perfectly all elements of an opera with such fervor and such grace. 


What can one want more ? Maybe see this show one more time. 

Cezary Ostrowski

metteur en scène

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